Master Instructor - Anita Tippet 7th Dan


Master Anita Tippet runs the Port Kennedy full time centre. Anita has been training since 1987. Anita started teaching in Rockingham in 1990, then opened her full time centre in April 1998.

Anita is a former State, National and International Champion and Medalist. Among her honours include Gold at the Thailand International Invitational Championships, Commonwealth Championship Gold medal, Malaysian International Open Championships Gold medal, Singapore International Open Championships Silver Medal and represented Australia at the World Open Championships in England.

She has also been a National Coach at the Commonwealth Championships, Oceania Championships and is a member of the Western Australian State Coaching Board and a member of the High Performance coaching board. She has been a member of the executive council for Sport Taekwondo Western Australia.

Anita is a Nationally qualified Referee and Poomsae Judge. She is also a National Coaching Accreditation Scheme qualified coach and course presenter. Qualified sports trainer and sports first aider and is a World Taekwondo Federation recognised examiner.  

Anita has coached many champions over the years at a State, National and International level. Oh Do Kwan Instructors pride themselves on teaching all aspects of Taekwondo at a high standard.

Tyson Phillips  - 5th Dan

Tyson is the longest serving student at Port Kennedy, he starting training in 1996.

WA State Champion in 1997, 1998, 1999,2000, 2001, 2005, 2010 medalists in the other years.

National Champion in 1999. Medalist is 1997, 1998 and 2001.

Represented Australia  at International events in Thailand 2001,  Malaysia 2005 and  Malaysia 2009, Yogyakarta 2013.

He achieved his black belt in 1999, acheived his 5th Dan in 2012.

National accredited Coach & Referee and is a World Taekwondo Federation recognised examiner.

Kwinana Club - Instructor Robert Collings 5th Dan

Robert Collings started training taekwondo in 2000, he started with his daughter as moral support, he always wanted to try a martial art. He soon found that he loved it.. Robert has always been involved in sport after years of being on the bicycle racing amateur and professional he found Taekwondo a new challenge!!

Robert joined Port Kennedy Club in 2003, where he acheived his black belt.  Both his kids train taekwondo and are both black belts, which he is extremely proud of .

In 2006 he decided that he would like to run his own club, forming Kwinana club has been a great acheivement to Robert seeing how he makes an impact on people lives through taekwondo. His daughter Alana 2nd dan and son Alex 2nd dan assist him at the club making it a great family atmosphere.

Robert is a National Coaching Accredition Scheme qualified Coach and is a World Taekwondo Federation recognised examiner

Shaunie Moreton - 4th Dan

Instructor in 2007 when she achieved her 3rd Dan.

She is a great asset to the club and is always first to volunteer for any event. Shaunie is adored by all the kids at the club.  

Shaunie Moreton has been training at Port Kennedy Centre since 2001 at the age of 9. Shaunie has excelled in all areas of Taekwondo, she has represent the club at a State, National and International level winning numerous medals in both Sparring and Poomse.

Bronze Medalist in Taiwan in 2004, Bronze Medalist in Malaysia 2005,  Silver Medalist at Perth International clubs competition in 2007. Gold Medalist Poomse & Gold Medalist Sparring at 2nd World Taekwondo Culture Expo in Korea 2008. 

Numerous medals at state and national levels.

Shaunie has been a Junior Instructor since 2004 then became an Assistant, then 2010 is teaching her own class on Monday evenings. In 2010 she has acheived her 4th Dan ranking
and is a World Taekwondo Federation recognised examiner.

Kristopher Hartmann - 4th Dan

Kris has been training at Port Kennedy Dojang since 2005, he achieved his black belt in 2008 he initially joined so he could be involved his the sport with his sons, and soon discovered that he had a passion for the sport. He enjoys all aspects of Taekwondo and continues to show his dedication and commitment to the club and the sport.

Kris has represented the club in competitions both locally, nationally. Australian representative at a number of International competitions. Korea 2008 (silver poomsae, bronze sparring). Malaysia 2009, Vietnam 2011, Yogyakarta 2013.

Kris achieved his 4th Dan in November 2014, and currently a nationally qualified Referee and Poomsae judge and is a World Taekwondo Federation recognised examiner.

Kris enjoys passing on his knowledge to the members of Port Kennedy club.


Rodney Hartmann - 4th Dan

Rodney has been training at Port Kennedy Dojang since the age of 3 1/2,  at the age of 8 he a passed his black belt grading in 2008. The Hartmanns are a family affair with Mum Donna 1st Dan,  Dad Kris 4th Dan and twin brother Ben 2nd Dan train as well. Rodney has been extremely dedicated to his training and has not stopped training since he started, he shows great passion for his sport.

Rodney has represented his Club, State and Country at Taekwondo events. His first International was in 2009 in Malaysia, 2011 Vietnam Silver (sparring) Bronze (team poomse) and 2013 Yogyakarta Silver (sparring). 

2014 Australian Open Bronze, National Championships Bronze.

Rodney has been helping as a Junior Instructor since 2009 and became an Assistant Instructor in 2013.

Instructor in 2015, Vietnam Silver in sparring

2016 State champion, National Champion

2016 Australian representative at the Junior World Championship in Canada, Gold Medallist Oceania Championships Fiji 

Achieved his 4th Dan November 2014.

Caleb Henness - 4th Dan

Caleb started training at the age of 7 years, he achieved his black belt at the age of 11 at our Port Kennedy Dojang, then started helping as a junior Instructor. Becoming an Assistant Instructor in 2012.

Caleb has represented the  club, at state, national and International competitions in sparring and poomse categories. He has competed for Australia in Vietnam in 2011 Bronze (team poomse), 2012 Thailand (silver sparring & poomse), 2012 Bali and 2013 Yogyakarta Bronze (pairs poomsae), 2014 1 Gold, 2 xSilver National Championships.

Caleb is a very positive person and is a great asset to the club, all the students at the club respond to him very well.

Caleb is a qualified coach with sport Taekwondo Australia. 

Jacob Larkin 3rd Dan

Alana Broomer 3rd Dan

Brandon Jager - 4th Dan

Jody Pace - 2nd Dan

Donna Hartmann - 2nd Dan

Whitsunday Club Qld - Instructor Victoria Gilliam 5th Dan

Vicky’ Gillam first began her training in martial arts studying Karate at the age of 16. In 1999 she started her Taekwondo training under Master Anita Tippet at the Port Kennedy Taekwondo Oh Do Kwan Club. Vicky is a former 3 x Western Australian State Champion and Medalist and was nominated two years running for the Senior Sportsperson of the Year in Rockingham.

After moving to Fiji in 2003, Vicky became extensively involved in the Taekwondo community there, and it was through her dedication that the small Suva Taekwondo Club was built into a thriving martial arts school. She held the position of Treasurer of the Fiji Taekwondo Association for two consecutive years and was the assistant coach to the Fiji Taekwondo team for the 2003 South Pacific Games held in Fiji. Under her instruction the club saw a number of its students rise to the ranks of Black Belt – and with the guidance and tutelage of Master Lee, 7th Dan - Vicky successfully attained her 3rd Dan. Upon returning to Australia, Vicky and her family settled into the glorious Whitsunday Region of North Queensland. Her continued passion for Taekwondo has led to the opening of her own club - Whitsunday Taekwondo Oh Do Kwan.

One of Vicky’s favourite aspects of Taekwondo are the Forms (Poomse) and their traditional meanings - and how they help to develop grace, balance, flexibility and coordination. Another is that Taekwondo has become a way of life – offering something for everyone. She has found that it not only offers a way to keep fit and healthy but is also instrumental in developing self-confidence, discipline and a greater respect for others.


Whitsunday Club Qld - Instructor Jim Hodges 1st Dan

Jim’ Hodges first began his training in martial arts studying Zen Do Kai in 1985 at the age of 20. In 2001 he started his Taekwondo training at the Port Kennedy Taekwondo Oh Do Kwan Club training under Master Anita Tippet. In his first year of training he won Gold for sparring at the Western Australian State Championships. Moving to Fiji in 2003, Jim became involved in the Taekwondo community and was instrumental in the development of the Suva Taekwondo Club.

The self defence (Hosinsul) aspect of Taekwondo is Jim’s favourite element. He also finds that Taekwondo is a great way to stay fit and healthy and that it is one of the best ways of developing self-control, boosting self-esteem and gaining a greater respect for others. Outside of Taekwondo, Jim also teaches at the local TAFE. Teaching is a passion for him and it is this passion that he brings to Whitsunday Taekwondo Oh Do Kwan and its students.