2015 Trophy Presentations









2014 June Dan Grading

Congratulations to Victoria Gillam from our Whitsunday Oh Do Kwan Club on passing her 5th Dan, Vicky is originally a Port Kennedy Student.

2013 November Dan Grading

Congratulatons to 17 students grading at Dan grading today 10 for 1st Dan, 2 for 2nd and 4 for 3rd Dan. Kwinana club has to for 2 going for 2nd Dan.
3rd Dan - 
Jordan Jovanovic, Jessica Dean, Jacob Larkin, Zoe Broomer
2nd Dan - Chloe Wild, Ben Hartmann, Tiala Skey, Cassandra Hankinson, Ethan Chidlow.
1st Dan - 
Jamie GaymerDonna HartmannRebecca Winch, Gabe O'Loughlin, Jemima O'Loughlin, Faith Turner, Jason Buchanan, Tomasz Malkowski, Tiamana Ranga, Nevan Pljevaljcic


2014 April Dan Grading

Congratulations to Kaelah Heidenreich and Jesse Buchanan passing their 2nd Dan and Ryan Kindness and Dean Craddock on passing their 1st Dan grading ��

2013 Trophy Presentations

2013 was a very exciting so many goals were achieved. Congratulations to you all, a huge thank you to my taekwondo staff and volunteers. I have a wonderful team

WA State Championships - June 2013

Larnie in action 3 point axe kick


Congratulations to 12 year old Kaelah Heidenreich on passing her 1st Dan Black Belt, held at our headquarters in Maddington.


Welcome to our Black Belt family

34th Perth Open Taekwondo Championships 2013


30 competitors from Port Kennedy and 8 from Kwinana entered Patterns (poomse) competition and full contact sparring competition.

Poomse results: 1st place: Morgan Colgate, Tomasz Malkowski, Andrew Leonard 2nd place: Charvelle Miller, Kaelah Heindenreich, Larnie Henness, Rodney Hartmann, Brandon Jager, Treasure Young, 3rd place: Jorden Henness, Chloe Skey, Dominic Podlaha, Peter Podlaha.

Sparring results: 1st place: Jorden Henness, Ben Hartmann, Alana Broomer, Tristan Bryce, Chloe Skey, Charvelle Miller, Jaimee Sheedy, Tiala Skey, Warren Young, Mathew Gorman, Malan Laubsher, Brodie Hall, Ashley Hall.

2nd place: Rossouw Laubsher, Monique Kilowsky, Nathaniel Young, Ethan Harris, Larnie Henness, Kaelah Heindenreich, Clive Noguerra, Daniel Debono, Andrew Leonard, Rebecca Winch, Jessica Dean, Caleb Henness.

3rd place: Jesse Tippet, Brandon Jager, Peter Podlaha, Dominic Podlaha, Rodney Hartmann, Tomasz Malkowski.

A huge thanks to Kee'Arnah, Caleb, Brent, Larnie, Jessica, Jordan, Brandon, Tyson, Kris, Ken, Jodie, Donna, Nicole for helping out Coach, Referee, Volunteer. 

Thanks for parents and supporters for cheering on the players

2012 End of Year Trophy Presentations

December 2012 Grading

Port Kennedy Club Championships - 8th December 2012

Thanks to Kwinana, Collie, Byford and Mirrabooka Club for attending our Championships. It was a great day. Thanks to all volunteers and black belt helpers to make the day such a success.


Dan Grading - November 2012

Congratulations to Larnie Henness and Brandon Jager on passing their 3rd Dans, and to now 2nd Dans Alana Broomer, Brent Silver, Peter Podlaha, Dominic Podlaha.

New black belts congratulations on achieving your 1st Dans, Tiala Skey, Jesse Buchanan, Melissa Allen, Kisane Allen, Stephanie Smith, Jaimee-Lee Stephenson, Benjamin Hartmann and Mike McDiarmid.

And Kwinana Students, Ethan Chidlow, Brian McEwen and Isaac Whatt on achieving their 1st dan black belts


Dan Grading - August 2012

Congratulations to Tyson Phillips on achieving his 5th Dan and to Caleb Henness on passing his 3rd Dan grading.

What a huge accomplishment to you both, well done

Shin Boo Kim Memorial Championship Bunbury November 2012


18 - 1st place, 10 - 2nd place, 2 - 3rd place. Master Instructor was extremely proud of her students showing great sportsmanship on the day.

7 poomse 1st place Kee-Arnah Thompson, Larnie Henness, Alana Broomer, Caleb Henness, Brandon Jager, Thomaz Malkowski, Kaelah Heidenreich, 2nd place: Rodney Hartmann. 3rd place: Jorden Henness. Kee-Arnah Thompson was awarded a trophy for having the highest poomse marks for the competition.
Sparring  11 - 1st place: Peter Podlaha, Rebecca Winch, Caleb Henness, Larnie Henness Chloe Skey, Seth Gorman, Corey Hacking, Kaelah Heidenreich, Ben Hartmann, Rodney Hartmann, Zoe Broomer. 9 - 2nd place: Daniel Debono, Rhania Gorman, Jorden Henness, Alana Broomer, Brandon Jäger, Clive Emerson, Ben Dean, Brandon Debono, Dominic Podlaha.3rd place: Kai Sheedy.


2012 State Championship - 28 & 29th July

29 Competitors in Sparring and poomse from the Port Kennedy Club, and 9 Competitors in sparring from Kwinana club.

Congratulations to all who competed, Port Kennedy won 17 - 1st place, 16 2nd and 7 3rd place in total. Kwinana Club 4 1st place, 1 2nd place and 2 3rd place.

Poomse Results : 1st place - Larnie Henness, Jacob Larkin, Caleb Henness, Larnie & Bailey in Pairs and Tiala Skey in Creative,

2nd place: Jorden Henness, Tiala Skey, Kaelah Heindenreich, Kee'Arnah & Caleb in Pairs.

3rd place: Thomaz Malkowski. Kaelah Heindenreich won 2nd overall in the Red belts and Kee'Arnah won 3rd Overall in the Junior Black belts.

Sparring results: 1st place: Ben Dean, Jesse Tippet, Jorden Henness, Larnie Henness, Daniel Debnono, Kristopher Hartmann,  Dominic Podlaha, Taimana Ranga, Veronekh Ranga, Tiala Skey, Kee'Arnah Thompson, Brodie Hall, Warren Young, Mathew Gorman, Malan Laubscher, Riley Chidlow.

2nd place:  Zoe Broomer, Alana Broomer, Brandon Debono, Rodney Hartmann, Ben Hartmann, Jacob Larkin, Peter Podlaha, Brent Silver, Keila Wright, Rebecca Winch, Brian McGowan, Brittany Young.

3rd place: Matthew Vagg, Tyson Phillips, Corey Hacking, Kaelah Heindenreich, Caleb Henness, Treasure Young, Nathaniel Young.


10th ICTO Championships Thailand & 2nd ESTA Championships Bali

Congratulations to the following students selected to represent Australia in July 2012 at the ICTO Championships in Thailand then onto the ESTA Championships in Indonesia.

Larnie Henness, Alana Broomer, Zoe Broomer, Jacob Larkin, Jessica Dean, Kee'Arnah Thompson, Caleb Henness, Peter Podlaha, Dominic Podlaha, Brent Silver, Brodie Hall.


  2 International competitions in one trip for the Port Kennedy Taekwondo Oh Do Kwan club. Master Instructor Anita Tippet was honored to take her team of 11 competitors to the 10th ICTO Taekwondo Championships in Bangkok Thailand on the 6-8th July and flew to Bali Indonesia to compete at the 2nd ESTA Taekwondo Championships on the 11-13th July 2012.

All of the competitors fought full contact sparring and some competed in Poomse (patterns) as well.

Alana Broomer 10 years 1 bronze Team Poomse 1 bronze sparring, Dominic Podlaha 11 years 1 bronze Sparring, Jacob Larkin 12 years 1 Silver Sparring, 1 bronze Team poomse, 1 bronze Sparring, Zoe Broomer 12 years 2 Silver Sparring, Peter Podlaha 12 years 1 Silver Sparring, Jessica Dean 14 years 1 Silver Sparring, 1 bronze Sparring, 1 Bronze Team poomse, Caleb Henness 15 years 1 Silver Sparring, 1 Bronze Team poomse, 1 bronze Pairs poomse, Brodie Hall 18 years 1 bronze sparring, Brent Silver 22 years 1 Gold Sparring, and stand out performances was Kee'Arnah Thompson 15 years 1 Gold Sparring, 1 Silver Sparring and 3 Bronze Team & pairs poomse and Larnie Henness 12 years 1 Gold Sparring,1 Silver  Sparring, 2 Bronze  team & pairs poomse and Best Junior Female Competitor in Bali.



 Kee'Arnah, Sherman and Eunice in Team poomse - Bronze

 Larnie Best Junior Female Athlete in Bali

WA Invitation Championships - 2nd June 2012

Poomse results:

1st place - Kaelah Heindenreich, Caleb Henness, Taimana Ranga, Thomas Malkowski. 2nd place - Jorden Henness, Jacob Larkin, Keila Wright. 3rd place - Jesse Noy, Larnie Henness, Brandon Jager, Alana Broomer, Tiala Skey.

 Sparring Results:

1st place -  Lauren Ireland, Veronekh Ranga, Kaelah Heidenreich, Tiala Skey, Taimana Ranga, Daniel Debono, Dominic Podlaha, Peter Podlaha, Larnie Henness, Rebecca Winch, Matthew Vagg, Liam Bettley, Rossouw Laubscher.

2nd Place - Kai Sheedy, Izabella Noy, Jorden Henness, Brandon Debono, Alana Broomer, Zoe Broomer, Jacob Larkin, Brandon Jager, Rebecca Winch, Keila Wright, Jessica Dean, Brent Silver, Cyrus Grant, Brandon Jager.

3rd Place - Corey Hacking, Tomaz Malkowski, Jesse Noy, Caleb Henness

Great work coaches: Tyson, Rob. Junior helpers Caleb, Keila, Brandon and others. Thanks to parents for the great support

 Jacob & Peter in action

 Some of the Crew

25th March 2012 - Perth Open Taekwondo Championships

Great results today from all of the students who competed in the championships.

Thanks to Coaches and refeeres from the club. Awesome team effort

 Poomse results - 1st place: Thomas Malkowski, 2nd place: Larnie Henness, Caleb Henness, Tiala Skey, 3rd place: Kee'Arnah Thompson, Alana Broomer, Jacob Larkin and Rodney Hartmann.

Sparring results: 1st Place: Brandon Debono, Tiala Skey, Ben Hartmann, Brandon Debono, Larnie Henness, Matthew Vagg, Brodie Hall, Kristopher Hartmann, Brent Silver.

2nd Place: Alana Broomer. Rodney Hartmann, Ethan Harris, Caleb Henness, Brodie Hall, Rebecca Winch, Ken Beebe, Tyson Phillips.

3rd Place: Luke Stanley, Jordan Henness, Ben Dean, Daniel Debono, Jacob Larkin, Peter Podlaha, Jayden Williams, Brian McEwan, Jessica Dean, Kee'Arnah Thompson.



18th February 2012 - Taekwondo Sleepover

Great night at the sleepover lots of fun to had by all. Lots of talent in the talent show.

Thanks to all helpers, who made the night possible.

Dan Grading - 27th November 2011

 Congratulations to 8 students passing their gradings.

Kris Hartmann, Kee'Arnah Thompson and Rodney Hartmann passing their 3rd Dan grading

Keila Wright, Zoe Broomer, Jordan Jovanovic and Jacob Larkin passing their 2nd Dan Grading

Brent Silver passing his 1st Dan Grading.

 62 students graded at our Central grading under the guidence of Master Instructors Ross Hartnett 8th Dan and Carmela Hartnett 7th Dan


National Championships Gold Coast 16-17th September 2011

 Master Instructor Anita Tippet had a small team of 5 representing WA at these championships. The youngest 9 year old Black belt Alana Broomer won in Pattern and Bronze in sparring.

Fellow black belts Larnie Henness 12 years won Gold in Team Patterns, Bronze in Pairs and Bronze in Sparring,

Jessica Dean 13 years won Silver in Sparring,

14 year old Kee'Arnah Thompson won Gold in team Patterns, 

17 year old Red Belt Brodie Hall won gold in the open sparring category and Silver in the U/18 sparring division.

Anita was extremely pleased with the results from such a small team. All of these players also represented Australia in Vietnam in July of this year, with great results there as well.




State Championships - 14th August 2011

ICTO CHAMPIONSHIPS - VIETNAM 22nd - 24th July 2011

Congratulations to the following players who have been chosen to represent Australia in Vietnam in July. Brent Silver, Kristopher Hartmann, Brodie Hall, Ashley Hall, Jessica Dean, Keila Wright, Caleb Henness, Kee'Arnah Thompson, Jacob Larkin, Rodney Hartmann, Larnie Heness, Alana Broomer. Coaches Anita Tippet and Kenneth Beebe

Great results from the team Poomse competition on the first day. Everyone competed well. Keila and Alana made it into the finals in there division still competing at 11.15pm a long day. Unfortunately they missed out on a medal, great work to make the final though. 

Team poomse in the minor division with Rodney, Larnie, Jacob, Alana and Bailey - Bronze medal.

Team Poomse in the Junior division with Kee'Arnah, Caleb, Jessica and Keila - Bronze medal

Sparring day 2 - Caleb lost first match fought well, unfortunately missed out on a medal. Jessica silver medal lost by superiority score was 5-5. Brodie Bronze medal, and Keila Bronze medal

Sparring day 3 -  Rodney and Jacob winning 2 fights to make in to the final unfortunately losing but won the silver. Larnie won her semi final then narrowly losing the final bout to take the silver. Alana Bronze medalist along with Ashley and Brent. Kris unfortunately missed out on a medal. Well done to all of you fantastic effort

Great work to Ken for helping me with the team.  Thanks to all the supporters, and thanks again to sponsors who made this trip possible.


 More photos in the gallery

June 2011 - Dan Grading

Congratulations to Nebojsa Radulovic on passing his 2nd Dan, and to Jake Proudfoot and Alana Broomer on passing their 1st Dans.



Singapore, QLD, NSW and SA where guests at the event which was great experience for our WA players.

Poomse Results - 1st Place:Caleb Henness, 2nd place: Kee'Arnah Thompson, Brandon Jager, Kaelah Heidenreich, Alana Broomer. 3rd place: Keila Wright, Larnie Henness, Taimana Ranga, Veronekh Ranga.

Pairs poomse results: 2nd place Caleb Henness & Kee'Arnah Thompson. 3rd place: Larnie Henness and Rodney Hartmann

 Sparring Results - 1st place: Cody Ortuzar, Cooper Ortuzar, Jorden Henness, Alana Broomer, Taimana Ranga, Kaelah Heidenreich, Larnie Henness, Keila Wright, Brandon Jager, Veronekh Ranga, Connor McEwan, Brent Silver, Brodie Hall.

2nd Place: Jacob Larkin, Luke Stanley, Brandon Debono, Elsie Ortuzar, Keila Wright, Kris Hartmann, Ashley Hall, Caleb Henness, Cody Coutts, Jessica Cusack, Crystal Brenker, Gregory Mellor.

3rd place: Jesse Tippet, Dominic Podlaha, Rodney Hartmann, Daniel Debono, Peter Podlaha, Ben Hartmann.

Thanks to Coaches Shaunie and Kee'Arnah. Thanks to referees Ken, Tyson and Kris. Great support from parents  


Grading Results - 10th June 2011

Congratulations to everyone who passed their grading.

Special mention to Trophy winners Vicky Jiang, Andrew Martin, Julie Houle, Matthew Vagg, Rebecca Winch, Kaelah Heidenreich, Eilidh Jack, Melissa Allen, Jesse Buchanan.


Port Kennedy Championships 21st & 22nd May 2011

Poomse results: 1st place: Ayla Newman, Nicholas Barkhuisen, Tammi Heedes, Brandon Debono, Elidh Jack, Ben Coombes, Kaelah Heidenriech, Melissa Allen, Ashley Hall, Taimana Ranga, Lochlan McGillivray, Bailey Moloney, Caleb Henness, Larnie Henness, Kee'Arnah Thompson, Jaesunil Sidhu. 2nd place: Luke Stanley, Byron Nottle, Keera Sklenars, Zachary Kleinman, Veronekh Ranga, Daniel Debono, Taylia Noonan, Claire McMahon, Brodie Hall, Alana Broomer, Jesse Buchanan, Rodney Hartmann, Brandon Jager, Jordan Jovanovic, Jessica Dean, Kristopher Hartmann. 3rd Place: Jesse Tippet, Ben Dean, Jessica Cusack, Morgan Colegate, Jorden Henness, Christopher Guy, Jessie Bolderson, Linda Solomon, Stephanie Smith, Mitchell Corver, Jacob Larkin, Zoe Broomer.

Flying Side Kick: 1st place: Jorden Henness, Lauren Ireland, Tiala Skey, Daniel Debono, Larnie Henness, Benjamin Hartmann, Brandon Jager, Ashley Hall. 2nd place: Luke Stanley, Elsie Ortuzar, Veronekh Ranga, Jesse Tippet, Ben Dean, Morgan Colgate, Freya Sklenars, Kaelah Heindreich, Rodney Hartmann, Mitchell Corver, Caleb Henness, Ken Beebe. 3rd place: Cooper Ortuzar, Chloe Skey, Ayla Newman, Grace Turner, Byron Nottle, Brandon Debono, Michaela Kyles, Claire McMahon, Connor McEwan, Thomaz Malkowski, Taimana Ranga, Ben Coombes, Bob Emmett, Jacob Larkin, Mitchell Corver, Brodie Hall.

Saturday Sparring: 1st place:  Jaimee-Lee Stevenson, Caleb Henness, Sarah Turner, Brent Silver, Ashley Hall, Liam Bettley, Brodie Hall, Jarrod Barnes. 2nd place: Melissa Allen, Lochlan McGillivray, Ryan Maisey, Jessica Dean, Kristopher Hartmann, Ryan Maisey, Jaesunil Sidhu, Simon Pierce, Jesse Buchanan. 3rd place: Jessica Cusack, Gregory Mellor.

Sunday Sparring: 1st place: Larnie Henness, Cheyenne Scott, Grace Turner, Elsie Ortuzar, Ayla Newman, Oscar Kleinman, Seth Gorman, Kyle Flynn, Maia Chandler, Zaine Anderson, Jaydyn Rigby, Dwayne Coetzer, Luke Stanley, Dean Supljeglav, Hohepa Chandler, Bryon Nottle, Jesse Tippet, Cooper Ortuzar, Ben Dean, Ben Coombes, Tamrin O'Halloran, Lauren Ireland, Jonty Russell, Grace Turner, Destiny Wirhana, Jake Radford,  Veronekh Ranga, Freya Sklenars, Jorden Henness, Brandon Debono, Christopher Guy, Josh Jovanovic, Drae Warren, Jayde Russell, Tiala Skey, Taimana Ranga, Simone Burns, Keera Sklenars, Rhania Gorman, Kaelah Heidenreich, Dominic Podlaha, Zoe Broomer, Rossouw Laubscher, Daniel Debono, Benjamin Hartmann, Bailey Moloney, Cody Ortuzar, Brandon Jager.

2nd place: Alana Broomer, Chloe Skey, Aryana Yaghooti, Jaimee Sheedy, Skylar Marriott, Zane Gorman, Lochlan Shore, Ethan Brennan, Paige Brackenbury, Hayden Comer, Tamai Chandler, Seth Hall, Jayden Zondervan, Layton Wirhana, Jordan Radford, Jacob Whiteside, Blayne Emmett, Kai Sheedy, Jae Noonan, Justin O'Halloran, Tanisha Anderson, Cheyanne Taylor, Morgan Colgate, Rose De Meis, Nicola Murphy-Millar, Ben Dean, Jayde Little, Chloe Wild, Zachary Kleinman, Tomasz Malkowski, Cole Gaymer, Ethan Harris, Matthew Vagg, Michaela Kyles, Veronekh Ranga, Daniel Loermans, Talesha Gaymer, Robyn Warnes, Stephanie Eley, Taylia Noonan, Jacob Larkin, Jordan Jovanovic, Brandon Jager,  Jarod Anderson, Luke Smith, Rodney Hartmann, Cody Coutts, Jake Proudfoot.

3rd Place: Tyla Coetze, Isabelle Brennan, Hayden Todd, Noah Little, Conor Langlands, Jaxon Howard, Hayden Treversh, Kyle Coetzer, Jarrad Dihm, Benjamin Dixon, Corey De Meis, Nicholas Rudge, Jake Deegan, Jack Lecev, Liam Comer, Bob Emmett, Katie Batchelor, Summer Burnett, Hayleu Dihm, Mackenzie Allan, Eilidh Jack, Byron Seinor, Connor McEwan, Peter Podlaha.

1st place Club - Port Kennedy , 2nd place - Collie, 3rd place - Bunbury.

Congratulations to all the players who entered the competition, Thank you to all the volunteers who made the event a great success.




Dan Grading - April 2011

Congratulations to Jessica Dean on passing her 2nd Dan


Grading 25th March 2011

Congratulations to everyone that passed grading tonight. Special congratulations to trophy winners and passing with honours Isaac Chant, Kaelah Heidenreich, Edward Cooper, Ryan Lashbrook, Rohan Game, Melissa Allen, Kisane Allen, Brodie Hall, Ashley Hall and Brent Silver.

Thanks to all canteen helpers, Black belts and examiners, Great work

Perth Open Taekwondo Championships - 20th March 2011


Outstanding results from everyone congratulations ..

Poomse results:

1st place: Kee’Arnah Thompson, Keila Wright, Alana Broomer, Jesse Buchanan, Taimana Ranga and Kaelah Heidenreich. 2nd place: Jessica Dean, Caleb Henness, Tiala Skey. 3rd Place: Larnie Henness, Jorden Henness, Mitchell Corver and Jacob Larkin.

Sparring results:

1st place: Cooper Ortuzar, Ben Dean, Daniel Debono,Brandon Debono, Elsie Ortuzar, Veronekh Ranga, Taimana Ranga, Alana Broomer, Larnie Henness, Jessica Dean, Ashley Hall, Brent Silver winning in 2 divisions.  2nd Place: Jorden Henness, Kaelah Heidenreich, Cody Ortuzar, Tiala Skey, Jacob Larkin, Keila Wright, Liam Bettley, Michael McKee, Ryan Lashbrook and Kee’Arnah Thompson. 3rd Place: Caleb Henness, Jesse Buchanan and Ethan Harris.

Huge Thanks to Ken & Tyson for Judging, and Shaunie and Helpers with the players.

Great support from parents

 Jessicca Dean in action!!


End Of Year Presentations - December 2010

Congratulations to all the Port Kennedy and Kwinana Students on a very successful year in 2010. Over 120 trophies were presented for 12 Dedication Awards and over 160 Training awards presented. 

Port Kennedy outstanding awards:

Best overall Senior - Ashley Hall

Best Overall Junior - Kee'Arnah Thompson

Best Tournament Fighter Senior - Brodie Hall

Best Tournament fighter Junior - Taimana Ranga & Larnie Henness

Best Overall Poomse - Kee'Arnah Thompson

Kwinana outstanding awards -

Best Overall Student - Brian McEwan

Best Tournament Fighter - Joshua Billingham




Dan Grading - 28th November 2010

 Congratulatios to the following students who passed their Dan Grading on Sunday in Gosnells.

Kenneth Beebe 3rd Dan, Rhys Edwards 2nd Dan, Larnie Henness 2nd Dan, Kevin Tran 1st Dan, Kirtis Tortelli 1st Dan, Daniel Tran 1st Dan, Jordan Jovanovic 1st Dan, Zoe Broomer 1st Dan, Jacob Larkin 1st Dan.



I am extremely proud of all of them

Junior Championships - 24th October 2010


Port Kennedy & Kwinana Taekwondo juniors competed in the Junior Taekwondo Championships held in Gosnells, with great results Port Kennedy club winning best club in Sparring and runner up in Poomse (forms).

Sparring results 1st place: Cody Ortuzar, Elsie Ortuzar, Cooper Ortuzar, Brandon Debono, Daniel Debono, Taimana Ranga, Josh Jovanovic, Bailey James, Alana Broomer, Jacob Larkin, Larnie Henness, Keila Wright, Brandon Jager. 2nd Place: Jorden Henness, Tiala Skey, Caleb Henness, Alana Broomer, Joshua Billingham. 3rd Place: Jesse Buchanan.
Poomse results: 1st place: Jorden Henness, Cody Ortuzar. 2nd place: Ben Dean, Taimana Ranga, Jesse Buchanan, Talesha Panting, Keila Wright, Caleb Henness. 3rd place: Brandon Debono, Jordan Jovanovic, Jacob Larkin, Brandon Jager, KeeArnah Thompson, Tiala Skey, Larnie Henness, Mitchell Corver.
Super Kick result: 1st place: Talesha Panting, Taimana Ranga, Jesse Buchanan, Larnie Henness. 3rd place: Benjamin Dean, Jorden Henness, Jacob Larkin, Tiala Skey, Keila Wright, Caleb Henness, Kee’Arnah Thompson.


Master Instructor Anita Tippet, with instructors Shaunie Moreton and Robert Collings were extremely proud of all of the kids on their great achievements..


Shin Boo Kim Memorial Competition - Bunbury 5th September 2010

Poomse Results: Brandon Jager Black Belt 2nd Place along with Red Belt Tiala Skey.

Sparring Results: 1st place: Yellow belts Cooper Ortuzar, Josh Jovanovic, Cody Ortuzar, Jordan Jovanovic, Brodie Hall, Ashley Hall and Red belt Brent Siliver 2nd place: Red belt Tiala Skey.

Great result 8 players in sparring 7 gold....Excellent!!!

Huge thanks to Shaunie for coaching 

State Championships - 29th August 2010

Poomse results - 1st place: Jorden Henness, Kee'Arnah Thompson, Jesse Buchanan, 2nd place: Tiala Skey, Taimana Ranga, 3rd place: Jordan Jovanvic, Larnie Henness.

Sparring Results - 1st place: Cooper Ortuzar, Taimana Ranga, Josh Jovanovic, Tiala Skey, Jacob Larkin, Larnie Henness, Malan Laubscher, Brodie Hall, Brent Silver and Kenneth Beebe. 2nd place: Brandon Debono, Cody Coutts, Cody Ortuzar, Connor McEwan, Daniel Debono, Jesse Buchanan, Jordan Jovanovic, Brandon Jager, Rossouw Laubscher, Ashley Hall, Marizaan Laubscher, Liam Bettley, Brian McEwan. 3rd Place: Jorden Henness, Ethan Harris, Joshua Billingham, Issac Whatt, Alana Broomer, Benjamin Hartmann, Rodney Hartmann, Jessica Dean, Kee'Arnah Thompson,


Great work coaches, and parents.... 

Dan Grading - 8th August 2010

Congratulations to Robert Collings on passing his 4th Dan grading, at Maddington Headquarters. Rob has been teaching at his Kwinana club for the past 4 years, and trains at Port Kennedy. This is a great achievement to Rob and a great honour becoming a head Instructor.

Port Kennedy Club Comp - 31st July & 1st August 2010


Poomse1st Place: Michelle Fernihough, Linda Solomon, Melissa Allen, Joshua Billingham, Jesse Buchanan, Brian McEwan, Luke Buhlmann, Jordan Jovanovic, Edward Soemali, Kee’Arnah Thompson, Caleb Henness. 2nd place: Morgan Colgate, Tiffany Sentosa, Taimana Ranga, Mitchell Corver, James Fernihough, Alana Broomer, Rodney Hartmann, Jessica Dean, Brandon Jager. 3rd Place: Benjamin Dean, Jorden Henness, Connor McEwan, Lochlan Calabrese, Rossouw Laubscher, Isaac Whatt, Jacob Larkin, Peter Buhlmann, Larnie Henness, Joseph Soedhardji.


Flying Side Kick - 1st place: Jesse Tippet, Luke Stanley, Taimana Ranga, Rodney Hartmann, Keila Wright, Caleb Henness, Brent Silver. 2nd Place: Grace Turner, Byron Nottle, Joshua Billingham, Larnie Henness, Brandon Jager, Mitchell Corver. 3rd Place: Jacob Esmond, Jorden Henness, Lochlan Calabrese, Freya Sklenars, Morgan Colgate, Isaac Whatt, Ben Hartmann, James Fernihough, Rossouw Laubscher, Joseph Soedharji.

Sparring – 1st Place: Cameron Billingham, Ayden McIlvinney, Kyle Flynn, Elsie Ortuzar, Skylar Marriott, Veronekh Ranga, Anastasia Djordjevic, Grace Turner, Cooper Ortuzar, Ike Wrigley, Benjamin Dean, Alex Flynn, Alana Broomer, Jarrad McIlvinney, Joshua Billingham, Brandon Debono, Stefan Jokic, Jake Radford, Chloe Wild, Alana Broomer, Linda Solomon, Grace Young, Cody Ortuzar, Daniel Debono, Larnie Henness, Benjamin Hartmann, Josh Jovanovic, Taimana Ranga, Tiala Skey, Maria Young, Madison Bilcich, Talia Noonan, Natasha Debisceglie, Crispen Cayley, Jenna Hyde, Jesse Buchanan, Bailey Moloney, Brandon Jager, Kisane Allen, Rudolfo Alegre, Brodie Hall, Kris Kemps, Ashley Hall, Brian McEwan, Elliott Beaver, Rossouw Laubscher, Brodie Hall, Marizaan Laubscher, Brent Silver. 

2nd Place: Jorden Henness, Kai Sheedy, Luke Stanley, Grace Turner, Paige Brackenbury, Lauren Ireland, Sophie Young, Freya Sklenars, Nicholas Rudge, Benjamin Dixon, Jessse Tippet, Micah Zanich, Shelby Lock, Ethan Harris, Kieron Pilutkiewicz, Ryan Kindness, Connor McEwan, Dante Woods, Rhania Gorman, Danielle Suckling, Nina Kowalewski, Tarla Thomas, Cody Coutts, Max Bilcich, Keila Wright, James Fernihough, Isaac Whatt, Taimana Ranga, Veronekh Ranga, Jemima O’Loughlin, Grace Young, Minoo Kowalewski, Olivia Haslam, Mitchell Corver, Mellisa Allen, Matthew Kindness, Yu-Jin Ham, Edward Soemali, Hayley Mauger, Jacob Larkin, Liam Bettley, Benjamin Farrar, Phil Pljevaljcic, Aaron Haslam, Tyrone Farrar, Brandon Jager, Jason Cox, Jetson Waller, Sam Chea, Brian Yoo.

3rd place: Jayden Zondenervan, Seth Gorman, Noah Little, James Dixon, Manaia Turner, Jourdyn Grow, Tanayah Willetts-Buswell, Jaimee Sheedy, Ayla Newman, Jayde Little, MacKenzie Allan, Benjamin Furey, Jacob Esmond, Jordan Radford, Byron Nottle, Morgan Colgate, Jerome Coromandel, Zachary Kleinman, Gabriel O’Loughlin, Lochlan Calabrese, Jae Noonan, Sebastian Hyde, Benjamin Hyde, Nicola Murphy-Millar, Maria Young, Jayden Beaman, Dion Sorensen, Dion Sorensen, Jessie Bolderson, Jason Buchanan, Brian Yoo.

A huge thanks to all the volunteers who helped on the weekend... and to all the other clubs that attended the competition..





WA Invitational Championship - 13th June 2010

 Singapore sent a team to compete at this event.

Poomse results: 1st place Black belts u/14 Kee'Arnah Thompson, 2nd place Talesha Panting Black belt and u/10 blue belts Taimana Ranga and Tiala Skey, 3rd place black belt u/14 Caleb Henness, u/10 Red belt Jacob Larkin and Blue Belt Jesse Buchanan.


Sparring results: Under 10's 1st place:  Connor McEwan, Tiala Skey beating Singapore, Jacob Larkin, Taimana Ranga, 2nd place: Jarrad McIlvinney, Ethan Harris, Joshua Billingham, Alana Broomer, 3rd place: Cameron Billingham.

Under 14's: 1st place Rossouw Laubscher, Jesse Buchanan, Black belts: Larnie Henness defeating Singapore and Talesha Panting. 2nd place: Benjamin Hartmann, Kee’Arnah Thompson, 3rd place: Malan Laubscher, Jessica Dean and Caleb Henness.

Seniors: 1st place: Brodie Hall TKO against Singapore, Brent Silver, Marazaan Laubscher, 2nd place: Ashley Hall and Brian McEwan.


Grading - 28th May 2010

Congratulations to everyone who graded and passed their next belt level. Special mention to Trophy winners:  

Rawlins Challenge - 23rd May 2010

A great result with only 7 players entered 7 great results

Poomse results: 1st place - Jesse Buchanan Blue belt, Larnie Henness black belts. 2nd Place - Caleb Henness black belt and Jordan Jovanovic Red belt.

Sparring results - 1st place Yellow belts - Brodie Hall and Ashleigh Hall,  and Black belt Larnie Henness. 2nd place - Blue belt Brent Silver and Jordan Jovanovic Red belt. 3rd place - Jesse Buchanan blue belt.

Special thanks to Coaches Shaunie and Michael...


Dan Grading - 11th April 2010

Congratulations to Michael Baldwin on passing his 5th Dan, Shaunie Moreton on passing 4th Dan, what an amazing achievement for you both, your years on dedication have paid off.

Caleb Henness and Brandon Jager both passed their 2nd dans and our new blacks Keila Wright, Amanda McDiarmid and Nick Radulovic.... Congratulations to you all, I'm very proud of all you on your acheivements...

Perth Open Taekwondo Championships - 21st March 2010

Congratulations to all players who competed in the tournament. Results are the following:

Poomse - 1st place: Jacob Larkin and Kee'Arnah Thompson. 2nd place: Rodney Hartmann and Jordan Jovanovic. 3rd place: Tyson Phillips and Talesha Panting.

Sparring - 1st place: Jade Petley, Joshua Billingham, Alana Broomer, Luke Masterson, Brian McEwan, Marazan Laubscher, Kris Hartmann and Michael Baldwin. 2nd place: Caleb Petley, Jesse Buchanan, Talesha Panting, Kee'Arnah Thompson, Jordan Jovanovic, Jacob Larkin, Micah Zanich, Connor McEwan, Malan Laubscher, Natasha Di Bisceglie, Ethan Harris, Zoe Broomer, Brent Silver, Jeremy Goodeve, Jason Cox, Tyson Phillips. 3rd place: Rodney Hartmann, Michael O'Shea.

Thanks to all my helpers: Shaunie, Dave, Michael, and Tyson... Great coaching and judging..   

Thanks to all the parents and supporters for being a great support for everyone...

Grading - 12th March 2010

Congratulations to everyone who passed their grading, a special mention to the following students who passed with an Honours pass: Madison Hall, Chloe Forster, Daniel Tran, Kurtis Tortelli they also received a trophy for their hard work. Another trophy winner Peter Mason.. Well done to all of you...

Special thankyou to the examiners and to all black belt helpers and Donna in the canteen...

2009 - End of Year Presentations

We had a wonderful day the weather was great.... Thanks to all the parents who helped out and of course my wonderful team of instructors who are a great help with everything...

Its was great to see that Santa made a surprise visit, and on the back of a Harley.... Thanks Santa...Our team who went to Malaysia all received plaque with the team photo...

We presented over 250 trophies to the students at Port Kennedy and Kwinana clubs. Thanks to Trophy Express in Safety Bay who was a major sponsor, and thanks to everyone who helped with fundraising throughout the year to put this event on.

Port Kennedy Awards

Best Tournament fighter Jnr: Jessica Dean & Larnie Henness

Best Tournament fighter Snr: Kris Hartmann & Alex Sejournee

Best Poomse Award: Kee'Arnah Thompson

Best Overall Senior: Michael Baldwin

Best Overall Junior: Kurtis Gray


Kwinana Awards

Best tournament figher: Rossouw Laubsher

Best Overall Student: Zoe Broomer

Everyone received a training award and the students who trained all year received a 12 month training award.

See photo gallery for all the photos....


Grading - 11th December 2009

Congratulations to everyone who passed their Grading on Friday. Special mention to Kyle Hope who double graded from white to yellow 2, and Jeremy Goodeve who double graded from blue 3 to red 2.

Congratulations to the following students who passed with honours: Melissa Allen, Kisane Allen, Ian Dapson, Kevin Tran,  Cassandra Hankinson.

Thanks to the examiners and all black belt helpers, and Karen, Donna and Sharon for the canteen.

Dan Grading - 6th December 2009

Congratulations to the following students who acheived their Black belts and higher dans:

3rd Dan: Talesha Panting - 13 years old

2nd Dan: Rodney Hartmann 9 years, Kurtis Gray, Kee'Arnah Thompson and Esme Squires 12 years, Alexander Collings 13 years and Kristopher Hartmann 35 years

1st Dan: Larnie Henness and Darragh Nagle 10 years and Jessica Dean 11 years.

I am extremely proud of all of you on acheiving your goal...

Inter club Championship - 7th & 8th November 2009

The club championships was a great success once again.. Thanks to all our volunteers who helped especially to Karen & Donna in the cateen and Mike, Aaron & Sean who was cooking the BBQ, and Simon for taking photos.

Great work to our black belts who helped out and great refereeing to Dave.. Thanks to all the students who competed I hope that who all had a good experience from it.

Thanks to Kwinana, Collie, Bunbury & Brentwood clubs on entering our championships


Poomse: 1st place - Madeline Perkins, Jesse Buchanan, Jessica Dean, KeeArnah Thompson, Caleb Henness, Jacob Larkin, Michael Baldwin. 2nd place - Claire McMahon, Taimana Ranga, Larnie Henness, Kurits Gray, Tyson Phillips. 3rd Place -  Jordan Jovanovic, Zoe Broomer.

Flying side Kick: 1st place - Ben Perkins, Taimana Ranga, Keila Wright, Caleb Henness, Brent Silver. 2nd place -  A-Jai McCourt, Jonas Schmidt, Larnie Henness, Rossouw Laubscher, Kurtis Gray, Michael Baldwin. 3rd Place - Jorden Henness, Jesse Tippet, Caden Hunter, Kieron Pilutiewicz, Jessica Dean, Clair McMahon, Malan Laubscher, Jesse Buchanan.

Sparring: 1st Place - Noah Little, Cameron Billingham, Riley Chidlow, Joshua Billingham, Veronekh Ranga, Ben Dean, Taila Skey, Bobby Maika, Leo Sellwood, Ethan Harris, MacKenzie Allan, Madisyn Goodeve, Madeline Perkins, Ethan Chidlow, Alana Broomer, Brent Silver, Taimana Ranga, Talan Ramsay, Josh Jovanovic, Jessica Dean, Keila Wright, Daniel Tran, Michael Baldwin, Rodney Hartmann, Darragh Nagle, Caleb Henness, Emily Phillips, Rossouw Laubscher, Alana Broomer, Jason Cox, Benjamin Hartmann, Michael Baldwin, Tyson Phillips.  2nd Place- Amirah Dobby, Trent Goodeve, Cooper Ortuzar, A-Jai McCourt, Gabriel O'Loughlin, Sariah Dobby, Jayde Little, Jesse Tippet, Veronekh Ranga, Jerome Coromandel, Nathaniel Young, Cameron Simpson, Jemima O'Loughlin, Lehyton Lockyer,Trinity Campbell, MacKenzie Follows, Cody Ortuzar, Claire McMahon, Jesse Buchanan, Grace Young, Joshua BIllingham, Isaac Whatt, Jordan Jovanovic, Larnie Henness, Kevin Tran, Brent Silver, Jacob Larkin, Kristopher Hartmann, Rob Collings. 3rd place- Cooper Allan, Joshua Heath, Jorden Henness, Ben Perkins, Quinn McColl, Michah Zanich, Zachary Kleinman, Brett Nash, Heath Burdekin, Mitchell Heath, Jordan Perkins, Tobey Arnold, Destiny Campbell.


STA Australian Open Championships

Congratulations to following players who placed in the event:

Poomse 1st place: Blue Belt - Taimana Ranga, Black belts -Rodney Hartmann,  Jake Read, Talesha Panting. 2nd Place: Red belt- Jessica Dean, Jacob Larkin, Black belt – KeeArnah Thompson. 3rd Place – Red Belt – Larnie Henness and Black belt - Caleb Henness.

Creative Poomse – 2nd place : Black belt – Talesha Panting.

Pairs Poomse – 1st place: Red belts - Larnie Henness & Jacob Larkin, Black belts – KeeArnah Thompson & Jake Read, 2nd Place: Black belts – Talesha Panting & Caleb Henness

Sparring – 1st Place: Yellow belts: Malan Laubscher, Jason Cox, Marisaan Laubscher. Red belt – Jessica Dean and Black belts- Jake Read and Kris Hartmann. 2nd place: Yellow Belts – Keiren Richards, Brent Silver, Mitchell Corver, Connor McEwan, Joshua Billingham, Black belts – KeeArnah Thompson, Caleb Henness, Rodney Hartmann, Steven McDiarmid, Joshua Milne, and Michael Baldwin. 3rd Place – Yellow belts: Ethan Chidlow and Brian McEwan. Red belt – Jacob Larkin.

 Well done to Jake Read on winning all 3 of his divisions.. Thanks to coaches and parents for great support…

Grading - 23rd October 2009

Congratulations to everyone who passed their grading on Friday. Special mention to trophy winners: Grace Young, Jesse Buchanan, Kurtis Tortelli and Nick Radulovic. Thankyou to examiners and black belt helpers. Huge thanks to Karen in the Canteen…

Dan Grading - 20th September 2009

 Anita Tippet is now a 6th Dan, I passed my grading in Maddington, along with Jake Read and Bailey Milne both 11 years who passed their 2nd dan gradings. 


22nd August 2009 - Shaunie's 18th

Congratulations to Shaunie now 18... A few of us celebrated with her at Paintballing in Bibra Lake. Shaunie has been training at our club since the age of 9, watching her grow at the club and turn into the wonderful person that she is has been my honour...

Paintballing was great fun... with lots of bruises later!!

GRADING - 14th AUGUST 2009

Congratulations to everyone who graded on Friday night. Well Done to Declan Smees who double graded, and to Samuel Lyons and Daniel Trans who passed with Honours and taking home the trophies.

Thanks to examiners who helped me with the grading, David Elphick, Michael Baldwin and Tyson Phillips. Also to black belt helpers!!

TWA State Championships - 8th & 9th August 2009

Poomse: 1st place: Rodney Hartmann, Kee'Arnah Thompson, Taimana Ranga. 2nd place: Talesha Panting, Caleb Henness, 3rd place: Tiala Skey, Larnie Henness.

Pairs Poomse: 1st Place: Kee'Arnah Thompson & Jake Read, 2nd Place: Larnie Henness & Jessica Dean.

Creative Poomse: 1st Place: Talesha Panting, 2nd Place: Kee'Arnah Thompson and Tiala Skey.

Sparring: 1st Place: Rossouw Laubscher, Jessica Dean, Connor McEwan, Jordan Jovanovic, Amanda McDiarmid, Tyson Phillips, Taimana Ranga, Alex Sejournee and Michael Baldwin.     2nd place: Joshua Billingham, Zoe Broomer, Mitchell Corver, Ethan Harris, Jesse West, Nathaniel Young, Damian Haley, Donna Hartmann, Kris Hartmann, Rodney Hartmann, Caleb Henness, Josh Jovanovic, Steven McDiarmid, Caleb Petley, Jake Proudfoot, Tiala Skey, Keegan Thomson.  3rd Place:Chris McEwan, Alana Broomer, Indianna Summers, Benjamin Hartmann, Larnie Henness, Jade Petley and Jake Read.

Well done to everyone who competed... Thanks to coaches Dave Elphick, Rob Collings and Shaunie Moreton...


8th ICTO Championships - Malaysia  24th - 26th July 2009

Well Done to our team who competed at these championships this was a first International competition of some of the players.

Congratulations to Kee'Arnah Thompson winning bronze in Poomse competing with a broken arm and still winning a medal out of 17 in her division.

Sparring results:Dylan Gaymer winning Gold beating Malaysia twice and Australia in the final.  Alex Sejournee winning bronze beating Malaysia, India then losing the Semi Final to Korea in a great battle. Amber Carter beating Malysia then losing to Brunei in the Semi to take the bronze along with Amanda McDairmid who also fought extremely well losing to Brunei in the Semi. Well done to those medalists!!!

Shaunie Moreton, Michael Baldwin, Tyson Phillips, Kris Hartmann, Steven McDiarmid, Joshua Milne, Jake Read, Jamie Gaymer, Rodney Hartmann unfortunately didn't medal but all competed brillantly in poomse or there sparring events. The divisions were huge ranging from 6 to 40 competitors in each division.


Special congratulations go to Julie Dawson from our Maddington club who won Junior and Senior divisions fighting 5 fights on Saturday to win Jnr and 5 fights on Sunday to win Snr, that was a huge effort. She then won best female fighter of the competition.

WA TAEKWONDO COUNCIL STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS                    27th & 28th June 2009


















Dan Grading - April 2009

Congratulations to Brandon Jager 11 years on passing his 1st Dan Black belt at our Maddington centre on Sunday 19th April.






MAY:            STEPHEN BALL







Encouragement Awards 2009

JANUARY TROPHY WINNER: Daniel Tran (Yellow Belt)and Larnie Henness (Red Belt).

FEBRUARY TROPHY WINNERS: Zac Kleinman (little tiger), Tiala Skey (yellow belt), Brandon Jager (red belt).

MARCH TROPHY WINNERS: Ethan Perkins (little tiger), Jonas Schmit (yellow belt), Breanna Read (Blue Belt)

APRIL TROPHY WINNERS: Mackenzie Allen (little tiger), Kurtis Tortelli (yellow belt), Jessica Dean (Red Belt)

MAY TROPHY WINNERS: Quinn McColl (Little Tigers), Madelaine Perkins (yellow belt), Esme Squires (black belt)

JUNE TROPHY WINNERS: Jade Little (little Tigers), Madisyn Goodeve, Jacob Larkin.

JULY TROPHY WINNERS: Gaby Donaldson, Kieron Pilutkiewicz.

AUGUST TROPHY WINNERS: Liam Chatfield, Jesse Buchanan, Kurtis Gray.

SEPTEMBER TROPHY WINNERS: Brett Nash, Stephanie Smith, Caleb Henness.

PERTH OPEN - 29th MARCH 2009

Thanks to coaches Shaunie Moreton, Robert Collings and Michael Baldwin.


Poomse results: 1st place- Larnie Henness and Josh Jovanovic. 2nd place: Michael Baldwin, Kee'Arnah Thompson, Tiala Skey. 3rd place: Jordan Jovanovic, Jessica Dean, Jacob Larkin and Rodney Hartmann.


Sparring results: 1st place: Larnie Henness, Jordan Jovanovic, Rossouw Laubscher, Marizaan Laubscher, Chloe Dawes, Nebojsa Radulovic, Neil McLagan, Alex Sejournee and Kristopher Hartmann.

2nd Place: Kee'Arnah Thompson, Jacob Larkin, Benjamin Hartmann, Daniel Tran, Josh Jovanovic, Mitchell Corver, Joshua Billingham, Malan Laubscher and Steven McDiarmid.


3rd place: Ashleigh Watson, Connor McEwan, Rodney Hartmann, Talesha Panting, Jessica Dean, Jake Read, Caleb Henness.


 Neil in action

SLEEPOVER - 28th February 2009

Great night 50 kids sleeping at the dojang.... Well done to all of kids so well behaved... Thanks to Karen, Tyson, Shaunie, Michael, Dylan, Ben, Steven, Josh, Jamie, Craig, Kris, Donna, Dave for helping out. A huge thankyou to Craig Alweyn on setting up the surround sound system for the movies. 

Fast Asleep!!

20th December 2008 - End of Year Windup & Presentations

Thanks to all the students and family members who attended our end of year windup. The rain stayed away for most of the day.

Port Kennedy Awards:

  • Best Overall Senior - Shaunie Moreton
  • Best Overall Junior - Jordan Alweyn
  • Best Tournament Fighter Snr - Dylan Gaymer
  • Best Tournament Fighter Jnr - KeeArnah Thompson
  • Instructor Awards- David Elphick & Shaunie Moreton
  • Jnr Instructor Awards - Ben Elphick, Steven McDiarmid, Joshua Milne, Jake Read, Bailey Milne, Talesha Panting.

Kwinana Awards:

  • Best Overall Student - Cassandra Hankinson
  • Best Tournament Fighter - Rossouw Laubascher
  • Most Improved - Jordan Jovanovic
  • Assistant Instructor - Alana Collings

83 Students received 12 month training awards, and over 100 training awards were presented to the students of Port Kennedy and Kwinana clubs.                                             Well Done on working so hard in 2008.

Well done to Rob Collings on a successful year with your Kwinana Club. 

Special thanks to all the parents who have helped out with fundraising and volunteer work this year..

3rd Oceania Championship - Auckland NZ

  • Oceania Championships 6-7 December 2008 
  •  Dylan Gaymer was choosen to represent Australia in New Zealand at the Oceania Championships, this is Dylan's first official Australian team selection he will be competing in 73+kg Division which is two weight classes combined. 
  • Dylan won bronze losing to NZ 1-0... and acheived alot of experience using the electronic jackets for the first time...
  • Well done to our Maddington club on the success of Julie Dawson Gold twin sister Catherine Silver fighting each other in the final. Sherman Kwan 2 Gold and 1 Silver in Poomse and Neil Brickwood winning Gold and Silver in Poomse.. 


Amanda in Nepal

We flew out to Nepal, for a missionary style of trip.  The aim of the trip was to see how others lived and how we could influence younger children in the small communities of Kathmandu.  The trip was very influential on us as well.  Giving the children small presents such as stickers and pens, showed us how grateful they were that we were there with them. 


Seeing another culture in the developing parts of the world was just a massive eye opener for what we had and the necessities of our lives.  The way which other people lived was just amazing; the architecture of the homes as well was unbelievable.


Words cannot really describe the things that we saw and did


Rotary Mt Everest, had helped us to put together this trip, a trip that neither one of us will forget, nor the children we went to see, and I would encourage anyone who gets the opportunity to do the same thing

Great work Amanda!!

Dan Grading - 30th November 2008

Congratulations 10 new 1st Dan black belts to the club.... 8 year old Rodney Hartmann, Sian Chapman 9 years, Jordan Alweyn, Kee'Arnah Thompson, Esme Squires, Caleb Henness, Kurtis Gray, Rhys Edwards all 11 years, Gabrielle Sepe 12 years and 34 year old Kristopher Hartmann.... Well Done to all of you!!

Club Tournament - 22nd & 23rd November 2008

POOMSE - 1ST PLACE: Mark Cox, Jacob Larkin, Holly Smith, Sian Chapman, Gabrielle Sepe, Caleb Henness, Telesha Panting. 2ND PLACE: Alan Peeti, Daniel Sepe, Erin McCormick, Rodney Hartmann, Kara Jager, Brandon Jager, KeeArnah Thompson. 3RD PLACE: Ben Hartmann, Jordan Jovanovic, Zoe Broomer, Larnie Henness, Jessica Dean.

FLYING SIDE KICK - 1ST PLACE: Sian Chapman, Ben Hartmann, Mark Cox, Jaidan Cunnington, Kara Jager, Sebastian Daluz. 2ND PLACE: Jesse Tippet, Larnie Henness, Rodney Hartmann, Jesse McLeary, Kurtis Tortelli, Kara Jager. 3RD PLACE: Darragh Nagle, Alan Peeti, Brandon Jager, Caleb Henness, Jessica Dean.

CREATIVE POOMSE: Alex Collings, Talesha Panting, Jesse McLeary, Esme Squires, KeeArnah Thompson, Sian Chapman.

SPARRING: 1ST PLACE: Sian Chapman, Tiala Skey, Dallas Joyce, Ethan Perkins, Zachary Kleinman, Ethan Harris, Jake Read, Brandon Jager, Leo Sellwood, Breeana Read, Taimana Ranga, Kieron Pilutkiewicz, Jacob Larkin, Daniel Tran, Jessica Dean, Rossouw Laubscher, Mark Cox, Ian Patton, Breanna Read, Erin McCormick, Caleb Petley, Darcy Gray, KeeArnah Thompson, Rodney Hartmann, Darragh Nagle, Benjamin Hartmann, Dean Craddock, Erin McCormick, Amber Carter, Keegan Thomson.

2ND PLACE: Larnie Henness, Veronekh Ranga, Jesse Tippet, Khye England, Aaron Sellwood, Hayden Watts, Alex Collings, Caleb Henness, Thomas Dahlhaus, Alana Broomer, Connor Radclyffe-Smith, Joshua Billingham, Josh Jovanovic, Alan Peeti, Jordan Jovanovic, Jaidan Cunnington, Malan Laubscher, Jesse McLeary, Shannen Ruck, Claire McMahon, Nathan Delaney, Kevin Tran, Gabrielle Sepe, Daniel Sepe, Ian Patton, Jacob Larkin, Peter O'Loghlen, Cassandra Phillips, Cassandra Hankinson, Gregory Mellor.

3RD PLACE: Shaylea Bartlett, Ben Dean, Connor McEwan, Nathaniel Young, Trent Read, Jessica Dean.

Great work everyone.... A huge thanks to our Black Belt Helpers who ran the event. Special Thanks to parent helpers Karen, Donna, Craig, Erick......


Canberra - Australian Team Selections - AIS - 4th & 5th October 2008

Congratulations to Steven McDiarmid, Shaunie Moreton, Dylan Gaymer, Chad and Jasmine Cross on making the team to compete in Canberra at the Australian Institute of Sport to try to win a place on the Australian team to New Zealand for the Oceania Championships on the 6th & 7th December.

1st place: Dylan Gaymer, Chad Cross & Jasmine Cross

3rd place: Shaunie Moreton.

We done to all of you on your preformances and congratulations to Dylan, Chad & Jasmine on making the Australian Team. 

Well done to our Maddington club Carmela Hartnett 1st place poomse, Carmela has secured a place to represent Australia in Turkey at the World Championships. Sparring 1st place: Julie & Catherine Dawson, 2nd place: Michael Baldwin. 3rd place: Taiha Gorton, Graeme Hartnett.

Grading 26th September 2008

Congratulations to everyone who passed their next belt level at the grading on Friday. Special congratulations go to trophy winners Erin McCormick, Carter McPhee, Jacob Larkin, Jessica Dean, Sian Chapman and Gabrielle Sepe on outstanding results.

Thanks to the examiners who helped David Elphick and Tyson Phillips. Great club support from black belts Robert Collings, Shaunie Moreton, Steven McDiarmid, Ben Elphick, Jake Read and Dylan Gaymer. A huge thanks to Canteen helpers Karen & Donna.

Australian National & Open Championships 5th & 6th September 2008

Congratulations to the following players who made the team to represent Western Australia in Sydney at the National Championships: Amber Carter, Amanda McDiarmid, Damon Rooney, Keegan Thomson, KeeArnah Thompson, Jordan Alweyn, Steven McDiarmid, Joshua Milne, Shaunie Moreton, Jasmine Cross, Ben Elphick, Chad Cross and Dylan Gaymer.

Coaches: Anita Tippet & David Elphick... thanks Dave for all your hard work....

Gold: Damon Rooney, Amber Carter, Jasmine Cross, Dylan Gaymer & Chad Cross.

Silver: Kee'Arnah Thompson & Keegan Thomson.

Bronze: Jordan Alweyn & Amanda McDiarmid.

Damon, Keegan both fought against New Zealand in their final fights and Chad fought Somoa in the final. All gaining International experience as well as National experience.

Well Done to our Maddington & Albany players: Gold: Julie Dawson, Ben Henry (Poomse). Bronze: Ben Henry, Adam Henry Ketisha Gill and Patrick Dawson.

Thanks to the support crew Karen, Craig, Mike & Sharon... Great Cheering!!! Lots of fun on the Sydney Harbour riding the Jet Boat in our team adventure!!!


Sport Taekwondo WA Championships 16th & 17th August 2008

POOMSE RESULTS: 1st Place- Sian Chapman, Larnie Henness. 2nd place: Jordan Alweyn, Jessica Dean. 3rd place- KeeArnah Thompson, Rodney Hartmann, Ben Hartmann. CREATIVE POOMSE: 2nd place- KeeArnah Thompson, 3rd place: Jake Read.

SPARRING RESULTS: 1st Place- Rodney Hartmann, KeeArnah Thompson, Jordan Jovanovic, Malan Laubscher, Rossouw Laubscher, Caleb Henness, Jamie Gaymer, Steven McDiarmid, Kristopher Hartmann, Neil McLagan, Damon Rooney & Shaunie Moreton.                                                        2nd place: Alana Broomer, Hayden Alweyn, Jacob Larkin, Jordan Alweyn, Sian Chapman, Brandon Jager, Jake Read, Rhys Edwards, Zoe Broomer.                3rd place: Jessica Dean, Joshua Jovanovic, Taimana Ranga, Benjamin Hartmann.

Thanks to Coaches David Elphick & Rob Collings, and thanks to all the parents & Supporters, great cheersquad & wearing club colours..                 Keep up the great club spirit!!!


South West Invitational Tournament 2-3 August 2008

POOMSE RESULTS: 1st place: Jordan Alweyn, Joshua Milne. 2nd Place: KeeArnah Thompson. Creative- 1st place: Bailey Milne

SPARRING RESULTS: 1st place: KeeArnah Thompson, Jake Read, Alana Broomer, Rossouw Laubscher, Steven McDiarmid, Dylan Gaymer, Kristopher Hartmann.       2nd place: Joshua Jovanovic, Jordan Alweyn, Bailey Milne, Marizaan Laubscher, Joshua Milne, Jasmine Cross, Shaunie Moreton, Ben Elphick.                           3rd place: Hayden Alweyn, Joshua Billingham, Malan Laubscher, Jessica Dean.


Grading 27th July 2008

Congratulations to everyone who passed there next belt level at the grading, well done to trophy winners: Taimana Ranga, Samuel Lyons, Tiala Skey, Harry McDowell, Sian Chapman, KeeArnah Thompson and Nebojsa Radulovic.

A huge thankyou to Craid Read on the BBQ and Donna Hartmann & Karen Thompson at the canteen. Thanks to Black belts Bailey Milne, Joshua Milne, Steven McDiarmid, Ben Elphick, Dylan Gaymer, Rob Collings, Shaunie Moreton & David Elphick great team work.... 


Congratulations to Amanda Turner on winning the $50!!!!

2nd World Culture Expo Korea 2008 3rd-12th July

We arrived in Korea on the 3rd July to a welcoming committee at the airport, then a 3 hour bus ride to Jeon Ju. 4th July: celebration in the park to welcome all the countries, excellent taekwondo demonstrations...5th July: Bus trip tours to Museum and traditional Korean Village then onto Opening Ceremony at the stadium, more demo's very spectactular!!! Our players were on Korean TV at the opening ceremony..6th July: Bus Tour to the coast went to the beach swam and played soccer with our Korean Guides and Master Che, lots of fun!! 7th July: Seminar at stadium, free time, shopping. 8th July: Bus ride to Muju where the competition is held, spectatular views ski resort!!! 9th July: Poomse competition and sparring 3 gold, 2 silver and 3 Bronze. 10th July: Sparring 4 gold!!!Competition then bus ride to Seoul. 11th July shopping, visit to Kukkiwon... 12th July Home!!!

What a great trip well done to everyone hard work your hard work and persistance to keeping working hard has paid off the fantastic results.. I'm very proud of all of you. Thanks to Donna and Craig for being such great supporters to the team!!!


Poomse Results: Gold: Shaunie Moreton defeating Aust, USA and Korea, Jake Read.

Bronze: Kris Hartmann and Steven McDiarmid.

Alex Sejournee not pictured... hes off to Scotland as a Snare Drummer with the City of Rockingham Pipe Band, competiting in 4 competitions last one being the World Championships (Well done ALEX!!! Good Luck)

Sparring Results: Gold: Alex Sejournee defeating Switzerland then Russia, Shaunie Moreton defeating Korea, Jasmine Cross defeating Korea, Dylan Gaymer defeating Korea and Chad Cross defeating Korea then USA.

Silver: Steven McDiarmid defeating Korea losing to Russia. Kris Hartmann defeating Switzerland then losing to Switzerland in the final.

Bronze: Jake Read losing to Korea.

Well done to Bradley Kidd from ATI, Graeme Hartnett and Julie, Catherine and Patrick Dawson at Maddington ODK and to Justin and Melissa Warrens team from Bunbury.. Great result everyone!!!!

 Where's Wally?


Winner of the DVD: Diane Muler Congratulations.... Thanks to WestCoast HiFi for Donating it!!!

Club Championships 28th & 29th June 2008

Poomse Results:

1st place: Hayden Alweyn, Mark Cox, Holly Smith, Jacob Larkin, Larnie Henness, Harry McDowell, Rodney Hartmann, Kara Jager, Jordan Alweyn and Kee'Arnah Thompson.          2nd place: Alan Peeti, Claire McMahon, Ben Hartmann, Jessica Dean, Darragh Nagle, Brandon Jager, Gabrielle Sepe.          3rd place: Jesse McLeary, Olivia Dearle-Sheean, Caleb Henness, Rhys Edwards and Esme Squires.

Creative Poomse: 1st place: Kara Jager, Esme Squires, Caleb Henness, Jake Read, Sian Chapman, Kee'Arnah Thompson.

Flying Side Kick: 1st place: Khye MacFeate, Sian Chapman, Darragh Nagle, Jayden Cunnington, Jessica Dean, Kara Jager and Caleb Henness. 2nd place: Hayden Alweyn, Larnie Henness, Daniel Sepe, Mark Cox, Jake Read. 3rd place: Joshua Billingham, Rodney Hartmann, Antonino Galati-Ranno, Jesse McLeary, Mikayla Fisher and Bailey Milne.


1st Place: Jake Read, Jonty Russell, Jesse Tippet, Taimana Ranga, Thomas Dahlhaus, Tiala Skey, Alana Broomer, Kieron Pilutkiewicz, Daniel Sepe, Malan Laubscher, Caleb Petley, Harry McDowell, Hayden Alweyn, Jessica Dean, Erin McCormack, Larnie Henness, Jacob Larkin, Sian Chapman, Ian Patton, Amber Carter, Jacob Larkin, Darragh Nagle, Jordan Alweyn, Caleb Henness, Rhys Edwards, Gabrielle Sepe, Kee'Arnah Thompson, Amber Carter and Keegan Thomson. 2nd place: Zac Elphick, Aaron Sellwood, Holden Turner, Leo Sellwood, Austin Smith, Veronekh Ranga, Breeana Read, Hayden Alweyn, Antonino Galai-Ranno, Mark Cox, Alan Peeti, Trent Read, Alex Petley, Zoe Broomer, Jade Petley, Shannen Ruck, Khye MacFeate, Larnie Henness, Jesse McLeary, Marizaan Laubscher, Ben Hartmann, Rodney Hartmann, Brandon Jager, Jaidan Cunnington, Zac Elphick, Jessica Dean, Esme Squires, Amanda McDiarmid and Aaron Dean.             3rd place: Ben Dean, Matthew Heard, Hayden Watts, Sarah Williamson, Jade Russell, Joshua Billingham, Matt Yates, Jesse McLeary and Thomas O'Donnell.

Thanks to all the helpers on the day.... especially to Canteen helpers Karen, Donna & Chrissy, Sharon on the Door and Craig on the BBQ.. and to all the competitors great result keep up the good work!!!

State Championships - 7th & 8th June 2008

SPARRING: 1st place: Josh Jovanovic, Zoe Broomer, Rossouw Laubscher, Kee'Arnah Thompson, Caleb Henness, Amanda McDiarmid, Nebojsa (Nick) Radulovic, Steven McDiarmid, Dylan Gaymer, Jasmine Cross, Chad Cross, Alex Sejournee, Kris Hartmann, Ben Elphick, Stephan Ball, Chad Cross & Neil McLagan.

2nd Place: Daniel Sepe, Jordan Jovanovic, Malan Laubscher, Jessica Dean, Esme Squires, Jake Read, Shaunie Moreton, Amber Carter, Cassandra Hankinson, Marizaan Laubscher, Deborah Dean, Damon Rooney.

3rd Place: Ben Hartmann, Jacob Larkin, Rodney Hartmann, Aiman Kamar, Alana Broomer, Bailey Milne.


POOMSE:1st place: Larnie Henness, Sian Chapman, Rodney Hartmann, Jacob Larkin, Robert Collings

2nd place: Jordan Alweyn, Talesha Panting, Deborah Dean.

3rd place: Jessica Dean, KeeArnah Thompson, Larnie Henness

PAIRS POOMSE: 1st place: Sian Chapman & Rodney Hartmann. Gabrielle Sepe & Jordan Alweyn. Ben Hartmann & Jacob Larkin

2nd place: Esme Squires & Kurtis Gray.

TEAM POOMSE: 1st place: Sian Chapman, Rodney Hartmann & Darragh Nagle. Caleb Henness, Esme Squires & KeeArnah Thompson. Ben Hartmann, Jacob Larkin & Larnie Henness. Gabrielle Sepe, Jordan Alweyn & Kurtis Gray.

CREATIVE POOMSE: 1st Place: Talesha Panting, Esme Squires.

I would like to thank David Elphick on helping me coach the Port Kennedy club, and Robert Collings great work with Kwinana club. Thanks to Steven & Joshua for warming up the kids!!!!!

Thanks to our great volunteers helping set up and pack up and the fantastic job in the marshalling area... Well done!!!! Michael McDiarmid, Simon Cross, Kris Hartmann, Craig Read, Trevor Milne, Amanda McDiarmid, Keegan Thomson, Ben Elphick, Joe Kamar, Donna & Glen Jovanovic and Nicole & Darryl Broomer.

Dan Grading 25th May 2008

Congratulations to Alana Collings on achieving her 2nd Dan.

Quiz/Auction Night Fundraiser 24th May 2008

Thankyou to everyone who supported our quiz night it was a sell out, and a fantastic night. We had a great turnout and everyone was very generous. We have now raised over $7000 for our team to go to Korea, which has now made it a very affordable International competition for our club.

Thankyou very much to all of our sponsors without your generosity the night wouldn't have been such a success.

  Sponsors: Community Newspaper, WesTrac, SKM, WA Stone, Pac Vac, Ecolab Pty Ltd, Woolworths Baldivis, Urban Retreat, Cake-o-late, Rockingham CIty Kiosk, Harvey Norman, Mandurah Mitsubishi, Jesema Bee Floral Designs, Kmart, Cost Plus, Musicforce, Tyrepower, Ian Diffen, McDonalds Warnbro, Palm Meadows Landscape Supplies, Nick Stephan Hair Studio, Leading Edge Jewellers, Challenger Ford, Pats Animal World, Classique, Warnbro Fair News, Waikki Newsagents, Brumbys, Sanity, Mandurah Ferry Cruises, Bedroom Basement, Mystique Dreams, Port Kennedy Cycles, Golden Bay Pharmacy, Betta Electrical, West Coast Tackle, BWS Rockingham Beach, Warnbro Liquor, Waikiki Liquor, Tru Awareness, Emmas, Darren Morgan Hair Design, Momo Hairdressing, Choice Lighting, Stockland Baldivis, Fridge & Washer City, Stay Healthy, Australia Post, Amarillo Designs, A' Head Hairstyles, Clever Clippers, Jenny Mitchell, Avon, Prestige Lock Service, Briskleen Supplies, Trisha Stevens and Dino Caruana Designs, Secret Harbour Primary School. 

Thankyou to all the parents and players who have made the effort to get sponsorships and make our night a great success!!!                                                                          

Mothers Day Raffle

Mothers day raffle will be drawn this Saturday 10th May, thanks to everyone who supported the raffle monies raised goes towards sending our team of fighters to Korea!!!

Raffle was a great success, thanks to everyone who supported it: Winners: 1st place: Mrs Squires, 2nd place: Helen of Waikiki, 3rd Place: Mrs Williamson, 4th place: Mrs Read. Congratulations and have a wonderful Mothers Day!!!                 

Junior World Championships - Turkey 7th - 11th May 2008

16 year old Chad Cross from Port Kennedy Club is representing Australia in Turkey at the Junior World Championships. Chad has been training with me since the age of 6, his hard work and dedication has paid off. This is a major benchmark competition, with a record of 84 countries entered. Good Luck Chad!!!! 

 Chad fought on Sunday 11th May, he had a bye first round, 2nd round fought China beating him 5-3, he then met  Jordan in the quarterfinal it was 6-6 near the end, Jordan scored 2 points defeating Chad 8-6. Jordan went on to KO his next opponent then won the division against USA in the final. Chad had gastro and was vomiting the night before. Excellent result!!!! Well Done Chad...

Catherine Dawson from Maddington club fought on the 7th May unfortunately she was up against Chinese TaiPei first fight losting 9-2 in the 3rd round. 

Jasmine Klump from Bunbury club fought on the 9th May against Russia unfortunately losing 1-0. 

Thanks to Graeme Hartnett from Oh Do Kwan, who went as the coach.....

 Well Done Chloe Iriyadi winning silver on the 10th May in Turkey. Beating Tai Pei 3-2, then Serbia 2-1, USA 3-1, Belarus 4-2, losing the final to China 3-1. Great Effort Chloe first medal for Australia..Well Done to Anne Maling Chloe's Instructor from Hansu Taekwondo Victoria!!!

   Pictures: Opening Ceremony, Aussie Team, Catherine in action, Australian Team. 


May 2008 Grading

Well Done to everyone who passed their grading on Sunday 4th May. Congratulations to Cassandra Hankinson from Kwinana club who double graded from 10th to 8th Gup, and to Gabrielle Sepe from Port Kennedy who double graded from 4th to 2nd Gup both receiving a trophy from their exceptional work.

Congratulations to other trophy winners passing with Honors Damon Rooney and Brandon Jager.

Thanks to all the black belts for helping out and to canteen ladies Chrissy and Donna great job!!!

Junior Selections Melbourne -  5th April 2008

Selections in Melbourne on the 5th April 2008, had some great competition for the team. 

Chad Cross winning his division 78kg+ and securing a place on the team to Turkey for the Junior World Championships in May.....Congratulations Chad!!!

Shaunie Moreton 52-55kg Divison - 3rd Place Dylan Gaymer 78kg+ Division - 3rd place

Well Done to all the competitors, this is a very tough and competitive sport. Keep up the hard work....

 1st place winners from Oh Do Kwan Catherine Dawson (Maddington), Chad Cross (Port Kennedy) and  Jasmine Klumpp (Bunbury)                               All Trophy Winners!!!                                                                                                                                          

Perth Invitational Championships - 30th March 2008

Poomse :1st place: Black belt: Talesha Panting, Red Belt: Jordan Alweyn, Kee'Arnah Thompson, Blue belt: Sian Chapman and Gaby Sepe. 2nd place: Red belt: Esme Squires,   3rd place: Blue belt: Aiman Kamar, Red belt: Rodney Hartmann & Caleb Henness.

Sparring: 1st place: Alana Broomer, Marizaan Laubscher, Rossoun Laubscher, Zoe Broomer, Ben Hartmann and Gabrielle Sepe. 2nd place: Ian Patton, Sian Chapman, Jordan Jovanovic and Kee'Arnah Thompson, 3rd place: Aiman Kamar, Larnie Henness, Rodney Hartmann, Caleb Henness, Esme Squires, Zac Elphick and Jake Read.

Special Thankyou to all coaches Dave Elphick, Rob Collings, Shaunie Moreton, and black belt helpers Ben Elphick, Dylan Gaymer and Chad Cross. Thanks to all the parents and family members that supported the kids to a successful day.     Keep up the good work everyone!!!!

Coloured Belt Grading - 9th March 2008

Congratulations to all of you who passed your grading on Sunday. Well done to trophy winners Kee'Arnah Thompson and Caleb Henness. Honour pass going to the following: Damon Rooney, Keegan Thomson, Sehwan Park, Esme Squires, Jordan Alweyn and Kee'Arnah Thompson.

A special Thankyou to canteen ladies Karen Thompson and Christine Bourn... and to black belt helpers and examiners!